Cold-set Ink (News Printing Ink)

Remarkable in printability, designed for high speed press and the characteristics of newsprint paper.
Product to protect workers’ health and environment through the reduction of aromatic contents to under 1 percent.
Heat-set Ink / Cold-set Ink
High-Speed News printing Ink 
Excellent heat stability and workability in spite of high speed and long run printing.
Outstanding ink transfer and halftone reproducibility at high speed printing.
General News printing Ink
Ideal for printability and workability.
Excellent printing workability with least ink misting & flying and plate & blanket piling.
Keyless News printing Ink
Typical news printing ink with excellent ink-water balance and emulsification character.
Least bronzing after printing process with the excellent water balance and emulsification character.
Environment-friendly News printing Ink
Eco-friendly ink reducing the halmfulness to human body and envionmental pollution caused by volatile organic compounds by increasing soy oil contents.
  • KORINK’s news printing ink (cold-set ink) is a qualified one supplied to more than forty newspaper publishing companies including 20 major newspapers in Seoul, keeping the first place in the Korean domestic market share.
  • News Printing Ink has a material property of viscosity and tackiness lower than heat-set and sheet-fed inks.
  • KORINK developed the soy oil-based ink in 1991 for the first time in Korea and contributed to the generalization of the eco-friendly ink by providing major newspapers with the soy oil-based ink which acquired SOYSEAL mark authorized by the American Soybean Association in 1997.
  • Acquisition of the eco-friendly ECO MARK authorized by the Japan Environment Association and recognized by the world.
  • Protection of workers’ health and the environment through the reduction of aromatic contents to under 1 per cent.
  • Certification of SGS(RoHs, EN 71 Part3 and ASTM F963-08) of Europe and U.S.A.