Over Printing Varnish

Specialized high speed drying varnish invented to protect printed matters.
Usable and choosable depending on the disired purpose, enhancing the printing effectiveness.
OP Varnish
Coating OP Varnish
Product for protecting printed matters and improving gloss, which deepens the colordevelopment of printed matters and makes the color splendid and vivid.

• Used for the printed matters such as packaging material for the food, box for agro-fishery products, advertising booklets, etc.

Rub resistance OP Varnish
Product for preventing the set-off enhancing rub resistance and slip effects, and to shorten the time of post process.
Product with characteristics of coating OP varnish and improved printing workability.

• Used for printed matters like vanity box, car catalogue, etc.

Matt OP Varnish
Product for maximizing the matt effect on the printed side requiring the matt, which makes the color calm and elegant and relieves eye strain.

• Used for printed matters such as boxes for electronic goods, promotional materials for medicine and medical supplies, classic books, etc.

Characteristics & Merits

High Gloss OP Varnish

  • Protection of prints and Good Gloss
  • Increase the color of prints and make colors shiny and colorful

Rub Resistance OP Varnish

  • Excellent Rub resistance and Anti Skid
  • Anti Setoff and Time reduction of Post-processing
  • Usability Improvements of Coating OP Varnish

Matt OP Varnish

  • Excellent Matt Effect
  • Decreases eye fatigue by calming and elegantly expressing color

 * Available in 2.5 Kg Packaging